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On behalf of the Polynesian Arts Advocacy Council of Michigan, I would like to welcome you to The Great Lakes Luau. As part of our Great Lakes Hula Retreat, tonight’s Luau is the culmination of countless hours of learning, planning, and organizing. Now in its second year, our retreat is the midwest’s premier destination for Polynesian cultural arts enthusiasts and practitioners. Tonight’s performers are spending the weekend attending hula classes and workshops with a focus on authenticity in instruction. PAACOM’s goal is to provide access to the highest quality teachers and course offerings, while highlighting the importance of learning directly from Indigenous instructors. We strive to ensure that the creative expression and cultural knowledge passed on throughout the retreat and showcased during tonight’s ho’ike (show) honor and preserve these arts. Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people, and as the President of PAACOM, I am thrilled to share the spirit of aloha with you tonight.
~Pamela Gibson

A Brief Guide to Tonight's Event

What is a Kumu Hula?

In the world of Hula, the term kumu means more than teacher. It is an honorific term indicative of years of study and mastery of all aspects of hula. A kumu provides guidance on all aspects of dance, study, and protocol. They provide their haumana (students) with a direct link to the past generations, thus rooting their knowledge in accurate cultural traditions.

Tonight’s program features a variety of styles and traditions.

Hula Noho: Seated hula

Hula Kahiko: Ancient style hula; dances performed as they were done before the Western world intervened in Hawaiian culture

Hula Auana: Contemporary hula; dances accompanied by nontraditional Hawaiian instruments, these dances reflect the relationship between Hawai’i and the West

Hula Hapa Haole: Dances performed to songs sung in English

‘Ori Tahiti: Dances from the islands of Tahiti. They are often conflated with hula dancing, however the techniques and styles are distinctly different and come from different islands with their own traditions.

About our Kumu

Kaui Dalire is the headlining instructor and key cultural consultant of the Great Lakes Hula Retreat. Born into a well-regarded hula dancing family from the Windward side of O’ahu, Hawai’i, Dalire’s Mother, Aloha Dalire, was the winner of the very first Miss Hula competition in the Merrie Monarch festival, often referred to as the “Super Bowl'' of hula. In time, Dalire, and both of her sisters would follow in their Mother’s footsteps, capturing the coveted title and making Hawai’i history.

Today, Dalire is Kumu Hula to her own schools known as Halau Ka Lihilihilehua ‘O Hopoe Kuikanani. With locations in Hawai’i, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Michigan, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, and California, her Kuikanani Association is a key aspect of Dalire’s mission to share her legacy of aloha and perpetuate authentic Hawaiian culture around the world. Most recently, she was honored by the City of Novi when she was selected as their Fall 2022 Artist in Residence.

About our Musicians

In addition to being a multi Nā Hōkū Hanohano winner (Hawaii's version of the Grammys), Kumu Hula Manu Boyd has served as the public information director for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, was a commissioner for the State Foundation on Culture and Arts and the cultural director of the Royal Hawaiian Center at Helumoa. He is currently a cultural consultant for Kamehameha Schools, and co-host of the podcast Midday Mana'o, which brings awareness to important issues and cultural keystones pertinent to Hawaii's past, present, and future.

Joining Boyd on stage is two-time Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner Kupu Dalire. Born into a prominent Hula family, Dalire incorporates a deep understanding of Hawaiian culture and language into his music. PAACOM is thrilled to host both musicians for their debut Michigan performance tonight.

About our Dancers

Halau ‘O Ku’u Kamali’i Kuikanani & The Polynesian Dancers of Michigan - Founded over 50 years ago by Auntie Fran Price, the Novi, Michigan based hula school is now run by Pamela Gibson, under the direction of Kumu Hula Kaui Dalire. Their goal is to provide all levels of hula students with an opportunity to learn in a culturally correct manner and to share their knowledge and aloha with the community.

Halau Ka Pua Mae’ole Kuikanani & Pacific Paradise Entertainment - Founded in 2019, this Cleveland based group is run by Audrey Godoy, under the direction of Kumu Hula Kaui Dalire and mentorship of Malia Erena Tafua. The group seeks to serve Northeast Ohio and the surrounding community with a series of state-of-the-art Polynesian cultural shows, programs, and performances.

Mahana Productions - Founded in 2015 by Xitlali Moore and Aizel Cabungcal, Mahana Productions offers classes and performances throughout Central Ohio. Their goal is to preserve the Polynesian culture through music and dance.

Na Wahine O Ke Anuenue - Founded in 1978 and given their current name by Kumu Hula Keith Awai in 1990, the Westland, Michigan group is run by Kim Alexander. They perform throughout the metro Detroit area and their goal is to spread Aloha wherever they go.

About our Sponsors

The Great Lakes Hula Retreat was made possible through partnership with the City of Novi. Their Cultural Arts program is a division of the Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department and has been encouraging and inspiring budding through advanced artists for many years.

Grant Funding provided by Arts Midwest played a crucial role in bringing tonight’s event to fruition. Arts Midwest promotes creativity, nurtures cultural leadership, and engages people in meaningful arts experiences, bringing vitality to Midwest communities and enriching people’s lives. Partners and supporters of Arts Midwest include the National Endowment for the Arts, foundations, corporations, individual supporters, and the state arts agencies of their nine member states

The Polynesian Arts Advocacy Council of Michigan (PAACOM) is a group of cultural arts practitioners and advocates dedicated to forming partnerships with communities and organizations to perpetuate and preserve the cultures of Polynesia through education, outreach and performance. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers unique, authentic and hands-on cultural education and experiences.

Tonight's Performance

Theatrical Presentation

Hawaiian Spirits Live Again
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

I Ke Kula O He'eia
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Ke Ao Nani
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Lovely Hinahina
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Ka Hinano O Puna
Na Wahine O Ke Anuenue

Aloha E Kohala
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Hawaiian Lullaby
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

For the Lahui
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

10 minute intermisison

Live Music Presentation

Haleakala Hula
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

I Ali’i No Oe
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Musicians Mele
Manu Boyd & Kupu Dalire

My Little Grass Shack
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Out on the Beach at Waikiki
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Hawaiian Hula Eyes
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan & Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Musicians Mele
Manu Boyd & Kupu Dalire

Ke Aloha
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Mele Ohana
Halau Ka Pua Mae’ole Kuikanani & Pacific Paradise Entertainment

Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Polynesian Dancers of Michigan & Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Hawaii Lehua
Kumu Hula Kau’i Dalire

Musicians Mele
Manu Boyd & Kupu Dalire

Welina Oahu
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Polynesian Dancers of Michigan

Lei Ho’oheno
Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Musicians Mele
Manu Boyd & Kupu Dalire

E Ku’u Sweet Lei Poina ‘Ole
Instructors of Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

10 minute intermisison

'Ori Tahiti Presentation

Mahana Productions

Otea Hine
Polynesian Dancers of Michigan & Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Tahitian Medley
Halau Ka Pua Mae’ole Kuikanani & Pacific Paradise Entertainment

Otea Hina
Mahana Productions, Halau Ka Pua Mae’ole Kuikanani, Pacific Paradise Entertainment, Polynesian Dancers of Michigan & Halau ‘O Ku’ukamali’i Kuikanani

Hawaii Aloha Sing Along

At the conclusion of tonight's performances, we invite you to sing along to Hawaii Aloha with us.


E Hawaiʻi e kuʻu one hānau e
Kuʻu home kulaīwi nei
ʻOli nō au i nā pono lani ou
E Hawaiʻi, aloha ē


E hauʻoli nā ʻōpio o Hawaiʻi nei
ʻOli ē! ʻOli ē!
Mai nā aheahe makani e pā mai nei
Mau ke aloha, no Hawaiʻi

English Translation:

O Hawaiʻi, o sands of my birth
My native home
I rejoice in the blessings of heaven
O Hawaiʻi, aloha


Happy youth of Hawaiʻi
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Gentle breezes blow
Love always for Hawaiʻi

Mahalo for coming to the Great Lakes Luau! We hope you enjoyed the show!